The WCG Dreams of the Counter-Strike Legend, ‘NEO’


"The WCG was the greatest stage of my career"

First ever WCG championship title for 'neo' and his polish teammates.

Nobody expected them to win the gold medal back in 2006. Team ‘Pentagram,’ representing Poland, shocked e-game fans from all over the world when they defeated Korea and Denmark and made it to the finals, where they took down the mighty Swedish team and raised the Polish flag in victory. It is not an overstatement to say that Poland’s win was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the WCG.

After the team’s unprecedented win, the team members became legends. They won two more gold medals in 2009 and 2011 and set a new record by winning the most medals in a single event. To say the least, this legendary Counter-Strike team became an e-sports legend.

I met with ‘NEO’ Filip Kubski, who was one of the key members of Team Poland, at the Legends video shoot. He is still a professional gamer, 13 years after winning his first gold medal. 

Q. How have you been, Filip?
I was in a team until 2018 and practiced every day, but now things have changed. Now, I practice a bit and spend time recharging. I also had a hand injury and was receiving treatment. I am planning to return as a pro gamer soon.

Q. How did you feel participating in the WCG Legends shoot?
It was a great honor. I was really disappointed when the return of the WCG was pushed back last year. I was worried that this legendary tournament might not return. I was really happy to hear that it would be restarted this year. It was a great honor to be able to appear in the shoot as well.

Q. You are in the WCG Hall of Fame for the most medals won in a single event. What does this mean to you?
It is one of the greatest memories of my professional career. I am really proud of this. That is why I am able to be here today and that is why I am so happy to be part of this shoot.

'neo' and his teammates have won their third WCG Counter-Strike title at WCG 2011 Busan

Q. Of your three gold medals, your first gold in 2006 is one of the greatest stories of e-sports and is still talked about today. You guys achieved a completely unexpected upset.
I was shocked too. We did well in the Championships too, but the WCG is where we realized our true strength. We were able to prove ourselves and became famous. I was 18 years old back then, but I still feel that I am young and I have many opportunities to show people more of what I can do.

Q. I heard that there was a long story behind your second gold medal as well.
I can never forget 2009. We were in a difficult situation because we could not get a team. My former teammates and I decided to get back together to play in the WCG. We called our team ‘Again’ because we wanted to prove ourselves once more. Poland was able to pass the preliminaries and finally won the gold at the WCG by defeating the strongest team of that time, Fnatic of Sweden. Even when looking back on that today, it was a great feat.

Q. Quick reactions and dynamic visual acuity are said to be crucial for FPS. It is amazing that you are performing so well, even though you’re over the age of 30. What is the secret behind your skill?
I played games with my father since I was young, and so I naturally enjoy games. When I was younger, I wanted to be good and so I practiced a lot, and I think it has stayed with me.
Counter-Strike is a team game. We also need younger gamers with great skills and agility. But highly experienced gamers are also crucial. In the past five years, I’ve served as the captain of my team to lead strategies and tactics, while making judgments on the flow of the game.

Q. Do you have any goals left as a professional gamer?
I don’t have a grandiose goal. My goal for this year is to find a new team and just practice hard like always and demonstrate my skills and abilities.

Q. Do you have anything that you would like to say to gamers and fans who will participate in the WCG?
The WCG is not simply a gaming tournament. It’s more like the Olympics. It is very special to represent your nation in various events. Wearing a national uniform, wearing medals, and participating in opening and closing ceremonies—these things instill a sense of pride in you that is unlike other gaming tournaments. I hope that people who participate in the WCG will keep this in mind.

Q. Could you say in one sentence what the WCG means to you?
If you dream of a life in e-sports, then accept the “challenge” of the WCG. It will be the greatest opportunity for you.

'neo' at WCG 2009 Chengdu.