WCG 2020 Visual Concept


WCG 2020 Visual Concept

In these times, with the world experiencing a physical disconnect due to COVID-19, we are reminded once again how fortunate we are to be able to meet with friends through online games.

Through WCG 2020, which will be held online without physical and spatial constraints, WCG hopes to connect people all around the world through esports, advancing the field of sports events for everyone.

The visual concept of WCG 2020 is based on lines and planes that continuously connect into a single flow, making up the letters “Connected,” which is the theme of this year’s event. The forms that symbolize connection, flow, and channels metaphorically represent the online world where players and people can connect, even if they remain physically apart in different places all around the world.

Dots are connected to make a line, the lines are connected to make a plane, and the planes are connected to make a space where players and the audience can meet. The dots represent players, the lines represent online communication, and the planes represent the WCG game venues, while the spaces represent the audience. The seven colors of the tournament symbolize the diversity of WCG, which breaks down the barriers between professional gamers, amateur gamers, and the general audience, all of whom are invited to actively participate in the event.  

In these times, when friends in various places around the world cannot come to Seoul and Koreans cannot physically visit their friends abroad, WCG 2020 is here to create a new channel of esports highlights by having people around the globe connect with one another.