WCG 2020 Connected – Tournamnet Regulation


General Regulation for Players

1. WCG Tournament Structure

A. Online Tournament (Qualifiers)

Location: Online
Description: Participating players will compete to qualify for the Grand Finals either as an individual or as a team. Qualifiers will include 1 or 2 stages depending on the game title.
Individuals or teams will advance to the Grand Final based on the rules for each game title.

B. Offline Tournament (Grand Final)

Location: Korea/Seoul Studio, China/Shanghai Studio

Description: WCG 2020 Connected Grand Final is a tournament to determine the final winner out of the contestants who advanced from online qualifiers or invited. WCG will provide travel and accommodations to participants in the Grand Final, as well as prize money for the tournament according to their rankings.

2. Common Regulation Guideline (Online/Offline)

A. Common General Regulation

1. All participants should abide by the rules included in this document and uphold the highest level of sportsmanship as representatives of their respective game titles.
2. Players will receive rules related to their participating game titles by the tournament admin staff. Players must be familiar with the rules beforehand.
3. Players must follow the tournament timetables and match schedules announced by tournament admin staff.
4. Players must be courteous and respectful to other participants during the tournament.
5. WCG, tournament operations staff and any of its WCG partners and affiliates are not responsible for any accidents/disputes/consequences involving player's activities that are unrelated to tournament.
6. The schedule and regulations of the tournament can be adjusted for the smooth operation of the tournament, and tournament admin staff will inform the players of the changes. Players must remember the changes and shall be responsible for any problems caused by failure to comply with them.
7. The English version shall be prioritized for the interpretation of the rules for each game titles.
8. WCG reserves all rights to the content related to the tournament.
– Players are not allowed to request rights to such content
9. WCG may use photos, gameplay videos and interview videos of players participating in the tournament to promote WCG 2020 Connected.
10. Players must acknowledge that they are aware of other content (Interviews, user events, etc.) derived from WCG 2020 Connected Game Sports tournament and must actively cooperate with creating such content.
11. WCG, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change rules, regulation, game settings, and operation guidelines and reserves the final interpretation right to the rules.

B. Regulations for registration and player ID

1. Plyers must submit accurate information when registering for the tournament. If players submit false/incorrect information, they may receive penalties such as disqualification
2. Players can only participate in one official WCG 2020 title and be part of one team.
– However, for Warcraft III Reforged, players may participate in both individual and team tournaments,
3. Players participating in team events must submit their team names together during the registration.
4. Individual IDs or team names cannot use words/meanings that are discriminatory, including political issues, and anything distasteful to others that are not accepted by social norms. (Race, religion, gender, nationality, age, disability, political views, slander of sexual orientation, etc.)

3. Online Tournament Regulation Guideline

A. Tournament admin staff can use separate online tournament platform and game builds for tournament operations.

B. Online tournament regulation

1. Communication during the qualifiers will be done in Korean/Chinese.
2. Tournament admin staff will provide tournament related information through a pre-announced communication channel, and players are responsible for any disadvantages arising from not checking the information.
3. Players participating in WCG 2020 Connected must use the ID entered at the time of tournament registration and must be online at the pre-announced communication channel before starting their match. (Discord, WeChat, etc.)
– During the tournament, players are not allowed to change the ID of the communication channel.
4. Player must use a game account in his/her legal name during registration process. If a player registers with another person’s account (family included), they may be disqualified from the tournament.
5. If a problem occurs during an online tournament, player must notify the tournament admin staff immediately. If the player does not report the problem to the tournament admin staff within a reasonable time through the pre-announced communication channel, the player will be responsible for any problems that might occur.
6. A player must have clear evidence when raising an objection to the match. If an objection is made without clear evidence, tournament admin staff may impose a penalty such as disqualification.
– Evidence examples: Replay, match screenshot, recorded footage, chat history, etc.
7. Players advancing to the offline tournament must provide passport information and other personal information through the procedures specified by the tournament admin staff.
– The criteria for players advancing to the offline tournament shall be in accordance with the rules of each game titles.

4. Offline Tournament Guideline

A. The offline tournament of WCG 2020 Connected will be simultaneously processed in South Korea and China.
1. WCG will do its best to facilitate a smooth simultaneous tournament process within South Korea and China.
2. Players cannot raise a question about an issue arising from the simultaneous tournament process between South Korea and China.

B. For team titles, it is not possible to change player(s) when advancing from online tournament (Qualifiers) to offline tournament (Grand Final).

1. However, if it is necessary to change team members due to unavoidable circumstances, tournament admin staff must be notified, and tournament admin staff may choose to grant player replacement of 50% or less of team members.
2. If player replacement is necessary, the team must inform the tournament admin staff of the new/replaced player information via the email below.

C. Personal practice areas for the players will be not provided within WCG 2020 Connected Grand Final tournament venue.

D. For the smooth operation of the tournament, in their sole discretion, tournament admin staff can change the method of players advancing to the next round.

5. Offline Tournament Regulation Guideline

A. Basic Regulation

1. Players must comply and abide to the infection prevention rules which is separately instructed for preventive measures against the infectious disease (COVID-19). Players must cooperate with the tournament admin staff to take preventive measures such as checking the temperature at the player’s accommodation, offline tournament venue (Studio), and other places related to the tournament.
2. Players must be familiar with the entire rules relating to their game title(s) before starting the match.
3. Players should pay attention to the referee’s instructions and comply with them.
4. Players must wear the official stage match uniforms provided by tournament admin staff. If the uniform is removed, damaged, or changed without consultation with the tournament admin staff, the player may be subject to penalties such as disqualification from the tournament.
5. If the player’s match is imminent, the player should wait in the designated waiting areas in the tournament zone and prepare for their game to ensure smooth tournament process.
6. Players will not be given additional time to prepare for their match and must be aware that the designated match time is the actual start time of the match.
7. If the player does not arrive at the notified time for the match, the referee may disqualify the player.
8. Players are not allowed to utilize their personal hardware and software (Such as drivers, voice programs, etc.) without the permission of the referees during the tournament. The use of personal hardware and software needs to be confirmed by the referee or tournament admin staff and the use of such equipment without gaining approval may result in warning or disqualification.
– Players are allowed to possess their personal mobile device within the tournament zone, but if the player uses the equipment during the matches, it will result in a warning or disqualification.
9. WCG recommends that players bring their own mouse, keyboard, headphones, and other peripherals to create the best play environment.
10. Each player is responsible for the setup and care of their own equipment. If the player isn’t able to use his or her personal equipment for any reason, the player must use equipment provided by the tournament admin staff.
– If a referee or player suspects technical issue relating to the equipment, a referee can choose to request a change in the equipment .
– Decision on changing the equipment is entirely up to the referee’s judgement.
11. When installing personal equipment, players must remove and place tournament equipment at a location specified by the referee.
12. Tournament admin staff is not responsible for performance issues related to the peripherals brought in by the player.
13. Tournament admin staff is not responsible for the loss, theft, and damages of player’s personal equipment.
14. During the preparation period, and during the match, players are not allowed to access the internet without the referee’s permission.
15. Players may not bring food into the tournament zone. In case of drinks, players are permitted to bring in drinks into the tournament zone that is provided by WCG or drinks that doesn’t have their brands exposed (non-alcoholic) with a sealed with cap.
16. Players that advance to offline tournament may request their legal guardian to accompany them and be present at the venue. Upon such request, WCG, at its sole discretion, can choose to review the case and may provide flight/accommodation for the legal guardian.
17. Tournament admin staff may impose penalties, such as disqualification, on a player who has committed acts that defame the player himself or the country the player represents.

B. Pre-match Preparation

1. Players must proceed the match in the seat assigned by the referee.
2. If any system error or any technical issue occurs during the setup of personal equipment or during pre-match practice, the player must notify the referee of the issue.
3. The referee may force the player to wear the headset, and the player is not allowed to take off the headset at any time.
4. Players must adjust the sound settings according to the instructions provided by referee and/or tournament admin staff’s. Players may not change the settings arbitrarily.
5. As instructed by the referee, player is required to activate the replay options of the game titles that the player participated.
– The winner of the match must save replay files according to the referee’s instructions. If the replay file is not saved intentionally, the referee may declare a disqualification and change the result of the match.
– Players are not allowed to transfer/send/take any form of replay files created during the tournament operation. If the player is found to be in violation of this regulation, all of related player’s matches may be declared loss by disqualification.
– Above terms shall be applied in consideration of each game titles.
6. Even if the player arrives later than the specified match preparation time (warm-up), pre-announced match preparation time (warm-up) will be maintained. Tournament admin staff may choose to provide additional time.
7. The referee decides whether the match preparation time for each game title is necessary, and if the referee decides that no such time is needed, the match may start immediately.
8. Player must set up personal equipment within 10 minutes of the referee’s notification. If the installation time exceeds 10 minutes, the referee may declare a warning to the player, and if it is deemed that the player is delaying the match for reasons other than hardware or software problems, the referee may declare a warning or disqualification to the player.
9. Player who has completed their pre-match preparations should wait in their designated seat until the match begins
10. A player who is not seated at their designated seat until the match starting time could be disqualified at the judgment of a referee. In this case, the opponent will win that match by default. The scope of default win will be determined by tournament admin staff.
C. During the Match
1. Player needs to start the match after receiving “Start match” approval from the referee.
– If the match starts without the referee’s permission, the referee may stop the match at any time.
2. Any kind of communication is not allowed outside of teammates (ex. Team leader, referee, and other outside communication) during a match. However, considering the smooth operation of the tournament and characteristics of each game titles, tournament admin staff may designate the time and method of communication with teammates.
3. At the end of each match, players must receive approval from the referee before leaving their area. If a player violates the above rule, the completed match will result in disqualification or forfeit.
4. Players who have finished their match should show the end of the match screen or result screenshot to the referee and remain in their seats until instructed to leave.
5. For the process of match, players cannot use speakers (Only headphones or earphones are allowed)
6. After the match, players should check their schedule for their next match and wait in the pre-announced “waiting area”.

6. Penalty and Filing a Protest/Objection
A. Regulation for warning and disqualification

* WCG, tournament admin staff, and referees may apply penalties such as warning, disqualification and exclusion from all future WCG-related events for non-compliance of regulation and inappropriate comments.

1. In the case of failure to comply with WCG’s preventive measures against the epidemic. (COVID-19)
2. Breaking WCG regulations and rules, showing aggressive behavior and using abusing speech to tournament admin staff or other participating players.
3. Malicious use of the rules or failure to comply with the decision of the tournament admin staff.
4. Behavior that goes against the WCG’s core value of fair play and player etiquette.
5. Player cheats or deliberately provides false information to tournament admin staff.
6. Player intentionally delaying or interfering with the match.
7. Unauthorized trips outside the player’s village and tournament venue during the tournament.
8. Any intentional damages of the peripherals (Console, PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.) provided to the players.
9. Player uses separate software (Including plug-ins in the form of MAPHACK and SCRIPT) during the match or shows intent to use it.
10. Non-conformance with the proper wearing of player identification, uniforms and attachments. (ID cards, player bibs, etc.)
11. Player leaving the tournament site and not returning by 15 minutes before any scheduled match time.
– Includes all circumstances including non-reported injuries and sickness.
12. Player leaving the tournament area without the referee’s permission.
13. Player refusing to participate in their assigned matches.
14. Player not being present at the stage at the scheduled match time.
15. Player publicly expressing words or individual opinion that is discriminatory, including political issues, and provides distaste to others that cannot be accepted by social norms. (Includes player ID and team name)
– For team titles, penalties can be imposed on the entire team.
16. Player has committed any kind of cheating related to the rules of the game.
17. The level of penalties for the above and other inappropriate actions shall be determined by the referees and tournament admin staff.

B. Regulation for filing a protest/objection

1. In the case that a dispute arises during or at the end of a match, player may raise an objection to the administrator according to the instructions of the tournament admin staff.
2. If the player does not agree with the match result, the player must raise an objection to the referee immediately after the match.
– After the player signs the result sheet, objections will not be accepted.
3. If the player does not agree with the mediation of the referee, the player can file an objection to the WCG.
4. WCG makes a final decision after checking the facts.
– WCG has the right to withdraw or cancel referee’s wrong ruling.
– WCG’s decision is final, and players who do not comply with that decision may be disqualified.